The Great Physician's Dentists: Making a Difference

"Love Thy Neighbor"

 Dealing with the challenges of today requires men and women who care about their neighbors. These dedicated professionals use their education and skill to meet the dental needs of the poor, who have no other way to get treatment. The Great Physician's Dental Clinic was founded on prayer and a desire to serve God by providing needed health care for those who had none. Established in 2002, we are an organization driven by Christian ideals, bold actions, and a strong foundation of church support. Contact us to learn more and get involved.


Dedicated Volunteer Dental Professionals

Spreading the Gospel through their Actions

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James W. Porter II, DMD


 Dr. John York, DMD


  Chris Harper DMD



 Donating Their Time

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 Pam Sparks  Dental Assistant


 Dr. Timothy Menees, DMD


Kristie Shelton  Dental Assistant


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Lyndall Hamlett edited-6369.jpg
Lyndall Hamlett edited-6352.jpg

 J. Bradley McKinney DMD


Johnny G. Foster DMD PC


William C. Adams DMD


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 Michael Williamson

 John W. York II D.M.D.

John E. Carr D.M.D.

Dental x-ray

 Each dentist that donates their valuable time will have their photo on this page. A link will be made to their website


More Names and Faces to be Added Soon